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Workmen Compensation

(Also known as Employee Compensation)

What Is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

What used to be called as Workers Compensation Policy till sometime back, is now also called as Employee Compensation Policy. As per the Employee's Compensation Act, an employer is liable to pay compensation if personal injury is caused to an employee due to an accident arising out of and in course of the person's employment. In such cases, his employer shall be liable to pay compensation under the provisions of the Act. The employer will not be liable to pay compensation when:

Workmen's Compensation insurance can be called in many different ways as shown below.

  • Workmen's compensation insurance
  • Workmen compensation policy
  • Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy5. workmen compensation
  • Labour Insurance Policy
  • Employers Employee Liability Policy
  • WC Policy
  • Labour Insurance

They all refer to the same policy.

  • An injury does not result in the total or partial disablement of the employee for more than 3 days;

  • An injury doesn't result in death or permanent total disablement caused by an accident under the influence of drink or drugs;

  • In case of accidents caused by wilful disobedience of the rules by the employee and wilful removal of safety guards, the employer is not liable to pay compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

premium calculation is dependent on five factors : number of workers and salary break up as applicable / period of policy / nature of work, height of working : above or below 9 mts : if any one changes, then the premium amount will also change

if someone is covered under ESI, then he / she is not eligible for any claim under WC

WC policy is usually meant for contractual labour, who are not covered under any other type / kind of insurance

the concept of sum insured or coverage does not exist in WC : claim amount, if any, will be decided by the local labour commissioner / labour court and the amount is calculated by taking into account various factors like age of the individual, number of years he / she would have worked had he / she not died or disabled etc etc and whatever the amount decided by the labour court / commissioner is final and has to be paid out by the insurance company by law, there is no dispute in this.

Yes. An earlier Act called Workman Compensation Act was amended in 2009. During that time, it was renamed as Employees Compensation Act. The intention of the act is same, which is, to protect the casual labour with some compensation from employer if any injury occurs to such labour while performing the work.

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