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Easy Private Car Two Wheeler Motor Vehicle Insurance India FAQ
Travel Insurance FAQ
Q. Are there any restrictions on the hospital where the treatment should be taken?
Q. Is the sum insured mentioned under each category applicable to all members traveling on the policy and is there any restriction on number of claims?
Q. Is a newborn child covered from day one under the Group Travel Policy?
Q. Who are the Assistance Companies for Overseas Travel Insurance?
Q. What are the two types of claim settlements?
Q. What do you mean by Cashless claim settlement?
Q. What about Claims relating to Travel Emergencies?
Q. Why should I buy overseas travel insurance?
Q. What is the proof of my purchasing insurance?
Q. How do I purchase the insurance? When does the insurance take effect?
Q. Can I purchase insurance for only part of the stay of my parents in the US?
Q. Is the insurance plan purchased on a calendar monthly basis, or can a plan span 2 calendar months?
Q. What is the minimum duration for which insurance can be purchased?
Q. What information do I need to complete the online application?
Q. What is a deductible?
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