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Easy Private Car Two Wheeler Motor Vehicle Insurance India FAQ
Motor Insurance FAQ
Q. What is Motor Insurance?
Q. What is Deductible?
Q. What is Exclusion?
Q. What is third party liability coverage?
Q. What is the significance of vehicular documents in motor insurance claims?
Q. What extension of cover can be obtained with regard to private car?
Q. How is the premium charged under motor insurance?
Q. What are the circumstances under which discounts are offered in premium?
Q. Who is a Third Party?
Q. How an insurance claim can be filed in the event of complete damage to the vehicle?
Q. For what value the car is to be insured - Depreciated value or reinstatement value?
Q. What factors influence the premium for car insurance?
Q. How much would the insurance company pay in the event of an accident?
Q. Are accessories and extra fittings of the vehicle covered under the Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy?
Q. What happens if at any point of time there are in existence two policies for insurance of a vehicle?
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