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Easy Private Car Two Wheeler Motor Vehicle Insurance India FAQ
Life Insurance FAQ
General information about life insurance
Q.What is life insurance?
Q.Why do I need life insurance?
Q.I know I need life insurance, but cannot afford the coverage I need. Can I do anything to lower the cost?
Q.What are the various types of insurances?
Q.What type of insurances should I have?
Q.Which type of policy is best suited for me?
Do you know the Keywords of Life Insurance
Q.What is the benefit of opting for riders / add-ons?
Q.Who is a Beneficiary?
Q.What is the Cash (Surrender) Value?
Q.What is Convertible Term Insurance?
Q.What is the Face Amount?
Q. What is Level Premium (Life Insurance)?
Q.What is Paid-up Insurance?
Q.What is a Participating Policy?
Q. What is Renewable Term Insurance?
Q.What is term insurance?
Q.What kind of life insurance should I buy?
Q.Can I increase my life insurance coverage?
Q.What are the definitions of “convertible” and “renewable”?
Q.Do life insurance policies pay dividends?
Q. If I miss a premium payment, will I lose my insurance coverage?
Q.When can my policy lapse and what can I do if this happens?
Q.Can I have a lapsed policy put back into effect?
Q. I have not paid premium for some time. I want to discontinue my policy. Do I get anything back from the insurance company? ?
Q.I have not paid premium for some time. Can I revive my policy?
Q.Will my premium amount increase after I have bought a policy?
Q.May I change my beneficiaries?
Q.What effects will inflation have upon my policy's cash accumulation?
Information about Individual, family and Group policies
Q.How does my group life insurance policy differ from a personal life insurance policy?
Q.Will my family receive the insurance amount immediately after my death?
Nominee information
Q.What is nomination? And who is a nominee?
Q.Can I change my nomination?
Q.What details am I to provide about the nominee/s?
Q.What is the difference between nomination and assignment?
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