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Easy Private Car Two Wheeler Motor Vehicle Insurance India FAQ
Health Insurance FAQ
Q. Is it possible to take a cover only for my family members as I am already covered with my employer?
Q. What do I have to carry when I go in for Cashless Hospitalization?
Q. What happens to our Floater cover limit after a claim?
Q. Can I get hospitalized in any other town
Q. What will happen if I am hospitalized and my policy lapses?
Q. After the age of 60, can I renew the same policy? if yes for how long?
Q. Are there any bonuses available in the event of no claims?
Q. Are there any waiting periods when my expenses will not be settled, in case of a contingency?
Q. What is a PreExisting disease?
Q. Are any PreExisting diseases covered?
Q. Are maternity expenses covered?
Q. Is homeopathy/ayurvedic/yunani treatment covered?
Q. In case my family member or me undergo treatment at our home under nursing care, is it covered?
Q. What if the hospitalization is for less than 24 hours (e.g., For kidney stone removal)?
Q. Are accidental injuries covered?
Q. Is a medical checkup compulsory for enrolling?
Q. Who will bear the cost of the medical check-up?
Q. How do I get income tax benefit?
Q. I am already covered by my employer. Why do I need to take this policy?
Q. Who can be covered under the policy?
Q. Why do you need health insurance?
Q. What is a deductible?
Q. What is a co-payment?
Q. What is co-insurance?
Q. What is the difference in a co-pay and co-insurance?
Q. Is co-payment part of the annual deductible?
Q. Does a plan cover any PreExisting diseases?
Q. What is critical care insurance policy?
Q. How do I select the appropriate cover for me?
Q. Can I get a cover as soon as I buy health insurance policy?
Q. If I have to buy a policy for my family of more than four members, do i need to buy an additional one?
Q. Does a higher cover mean better protection?
Q. Is it necessary to have a medical check up before buying a policy?
Q. What is the procedure for availing the Mediclaim benefits?
Q. What are the documents required for filing a claim?
Q. Who can be covered under the policy?
Q. How much time does it take to settle the bills?
Q. Whether I should pay first for hospitalization?
Q. What is TPA? DO I need to approach a TPA for settling my claims?
Q. How to prevent rejection of claims?
Q. What is a no-claim bonus?
Q. Why should I buy my policy from you, when I can buy from other Insurance company?
Q. How best Do you offer the prices?
Q. What is a TPA?
Q. What are the benefits of TPA to a policyholder?
Q. What are the facilities offered by a TPA?
Q. What do you mean by Network /Non-network Hospitalization?
Q. What is Cashless access/Cashless Facility?
Q. How do I avail of Cashless Facility?
Q. What documents should one obtain before discharge from the hospital in case of cash less facility availed?
Q. What documents are needed for processing claims if the treatment has been done in a non-network hospital or in a network hospital where cash less facility was not granted/availed?
Q. When will my claim be reimbursed?
Q. Can I get Cash less facility/Reimbursement in the case of PreExisting diseases?
Q. Can I get Cash less facility/Reimbursement within 30 days of policy commencement?
Q. How do I get a list of network hospitals of TPA?
Q. During the course of my treatment, can I change the hospitals?
Q. Can I get outpatient treatment using my TPA Card?
Q. I am not keen to avail of Cash less facility. Can I go in for reimbursement?
Q. What is the benefit of carrying a health card?
Q. What is Health Insurance/Mediclaim?
Q. What are the salient features of this policy?
Q. What is covered under Hospitalization Benefit?
Q. What are the circumstances under which the condition of minimum 24 hrs hospitalization does not apply?
Q. What are the expenses covered under Hospitalisation Expenses?
Q. What is Domiciliary Hospitalization?
Q. What do you mean by Pre and Post hospitalization?
Q. For how many days would the pre and post hospitalization expenses be covered?
Q. What is meant by Donor Expenses?
Q. How much is the sum insured?
Q. What is Family Floater and what are its advantages?
Q. Is there an Income Tax exemption on the premium? If yes, under which section and what is the Income Tax exemption limit?
Q. What is Cumulative Bonus?
Q. If I have accumulated cumulative bonus on my policy for the last three years and I have a claim in the fourth year, will I lose my C.B.?
Q. Do I get a discount on renewal of the policy with the same company?
Q. What is the First 30 days Exclusion?
Q. What are first year/second year exclusions?
Q. Enlist some of the important exclusions under mediclaim policy.
Q. Can a person have more than one Health policy?
Q. Can I cancel my policy and if yes will I get my premium back?
Q. What are the medical tests that I need to undergo to enroll myself? And who will bear the cost?
Q. Will I get the entire amount of the claimed expenses?
Q. Can any claim be rejected or refused?
Q. In case of part settlement can an insured claim for the balance amount?
Q. How can I check the status of my claim?
Q. How does one get Reimbursement for pre and post hospitalization expenses?
Q. What is the procedure to get Reimbursement in case of planned hospitalization?
Q. How does one get Reimbursements in case of treatment in non- network hospitals?
Q. What is the information one needs to furnish while intimating a claim?
Q. What if I don't remember my Card Number and Policy Number and I am in an emergency situation?
Q. Are there any restrictions on the hospital where the treatment should be taken?
Q. Is the sum insured mentioned under each category applicable to all members travelling on the policy and is there any restriction on number of claims?
Q. What are the two types of claim settlements?
Q. What do you mean by Cashless claim settlement?
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