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Petrol Bunk Comprehensive Policy

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Policy Benefits

  • Fire & Allied Perils including Earth Quake for fuel stock
  • Fire & Allied Perils for Furniture & Fittings and Computers
  • Burglary and Theft applicable to cash in chest
  • Cash in Transit
  • Personal Accident for employees
  • Wrong De Canting
  • Plate Glass
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Workmen Compensation
  • Liability Cover

Petrol Bunk Insurance


How much Cover Required

SECTION I : Fire & Allied Perils (and) Earth Quake (and) Storm Tempest

A. Fuel Stock Fuel Stock (Total Max. Capacity of All Storage Tanks)

B. Computers, CCTV, Air Conditioner, and Electronic Equipments, etc.

C. Lights with electrification

D.1. Building (If Owned)(Give value)

D.2. Furniture and Fixtures (Give value)

SECTION II: Burglary (except cash) (1% Excess) (Compulsary)

Burglary and Theft applicable

SECTION III : Burglary (Cash) (1% Excess)

A. Cash In Transit Single Carrying Limit upto 15 Lakhs from Insured premises

B. Cash in safe at insured premises

SECTION IV : Wrong fuelling due to Error and Omission (10% Excess)

A. Loss Due to Wrong De Canting of fuel Loss or damage caused to this insured materials. For example, each time when this occurs, you incur loss of Rs 5 lakhs, and you want cover for 2 such incidents, then value of cover is Rs 10 lakhs (Maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs allowed)

B. Loss due to wrong fuelling to vehicles (AOA : AOY). For example, each occurrence the damage is Rs 25,000 and you want protection for upto 4 occurrences. Then you give Rs 100000 as value

SECTION V: Personal Accident

Personal Accident For Named employees Rs. 1,00,000 each employee only multiply with number of employees

SECTION VI : Plate Glass:

Description of the Plate Glass / Neon signs, if any.

SECTION VII : Fidelity Guarantee

Named Persons employee running away with cash. Give total number of employees multiply with maximum amount of cash they are allowed to carry at any given time (Rs 1 lac Max carrying limit). For example, 6 employees and Rs 20,000 max limit per person, then total value is 1,20,000

SECTION VIII : Public Liability

Public Liability. Expected third party liability per occurrence.

SECTION IX : Machinery Breakdown

For machinery and Electronic equipments ( Make, model, Sl. No. and Value to be declared)

SECTION X : Workman Compensation (If no ESI available for employees)

No. of Emp X Annual Salary